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Related Downloads

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About this section

Here you can download things that may be related to the program, but may or may not necessarily be a part of the program. All files are checked with AVG Anti Virus before being uploaded to sourceforge.net.

These files are compressed with a ZIP format compression utility. because of this I recommend that you use either WinZip, WinRaR or FilZip to extract the files.

Adobe Acrobat Reader or a PDF compatible text editor is required to be installed on your PC in order to view PDF documents. To download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader visit www.adobe.com.

Updated Help Files

These files are usually in HTML Help format (*.chm) and are updated when needed. Note that the most recent version in most cases is actually installed when you install NWPPS, But may not be if the release manager didn't add the new file.

Click here to view.

Updated Database Files

These are data files in Microsoft Access format that are constantly updated, as needed. Sometimes more than the regular releases are. There are no forms to easily view data in this database, this is because the NWPPS user interface does this... Why do it twice?

Click here to view.

Other Files

For older and other releases please head to the files section of the NW's Pokémon Program Suite project site on sourceforge.net.

Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition, which was used to write the program, is available for download from here. It is a free download and is free forever. Download size varies.

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