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About Darkewulfe Creations & NWPPS

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About Us

Darkewulfe Creations was a humble little hobbist software company when it started way back in 2003, since then it has matured to be a player in the hobbist software market, publishing many software titles for the Windows and Linux operating systems. It has changed names many times since the original date, usually when the current head Darkewulfe wants to start afresh.

Darkewulfe Creations has worked on many software projects. This is just one of many. Their other works can be found on sourceforge.net.

About the Program

NW's Pokémon Program Suite (or PokéSuite / PPS for short) is a program initially created by "DarkBlastoise" and "Darkewulfe" (then Nightwolf) in 1999 for all members of the Pokémon community to enjoy. It is an offline information tool, initially written in Visual Basic 6.0 that lets you search and view Pokémon and innumerable other things. Downloading and using the program is entirely free, provided you do not sell or redistribute the program in any way and comply with the terms described in the General Public License, version 2. The Pokémon Database program included is designed as a replacement Pokémon Pokédex, as in, it shows information on anything that you have ever wanted to know about a particular Pokémon.

Later versions of the Pokémon Program Suite used the .NET Framework version 2.0 and later versions, which are developed by Microsoft.

The latest beta version of NW's Pokémon Program Suite is version (Lacurio) BETA 5 and will soon be available from the downloads page, there is also a full version coming which will be released worldwide "When it's done". The program itself still has a great deal of bugs that need to be fixed before the official release.

Although the legality of the program has been and is disputed by some members of the internet community, Neither Nintendo nor Game Freak have never told the creators of the program or any of the developers to cease operation of the program and likely never will, as the Program Suite has been running for nearly 9 years already and nothing noteworthy has happened.

- Extract from nwppsWiki, 13 September 2008

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