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Table of Contents

  1. Changes for 2008
  2. Changes for 2007
  3. Changes for 2006
  4. Changes for 2005
  5. Older changes

The Changelog

Changes for 2008

- BugFix: enablePictureLoading now properly disables the pictures when set to false. This setting ONLY works for Pokemon sprites in Pokemon Database. [Nytewolf]
- What's new link label added to the Update Available Dialog, includes tooltip. [Nytewolf]
- Normal back sprites added for Female diamond and pearl Pokemon. Now viewable in the program. [Nytewolf]

- Registry code has been optimised. [Nytewolf]
- Jukebox code and related music tracks have been removed. [Nytewolf]
- Jukebox ini settings have been removed. [Nytewolf]
- mdlPPS has had some convenience changes, overall code size is now smaller. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: More helpful comments and notes added throughout the program. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Sub nwGetStartDataFromINI() now takes a parameter, filename, this is a string value and represents the path to the file, along with the file name. [Nytewolf]

- Fixed some incorrect links. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed the move tutors form to be non-sizable. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes below;
-- Pokemon with incorrect abilities have been assigned the correct ones. [Nytewolf]
-- Pokemon with incorrect held items should now hold the correct ones. [Nytewolf]
-- Pokemon evolutions have been corrected for most pokemon. [Nytewolf]

- Database Changes below;
-- Pokemon Heights Weights should now be correct for most Pokemon. [Nytewolf]
-- Pokemon species and breeding information should be correct for most Pokemon. [Nytewolf]

- Experimental feature: number of Egg steps with an ability that promotes fast hatching now enabled. [Nytewolf]

- Options dialog has had some obsolete tabs and code removed. [Nytewolf]
- new message box control has had some adjustments. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: Krypton buttons not showing text. [Nytewolf]

- Old beta 4 development tags changed to beta 5. [Nytewolf]
- A new windows form has been added, which will show off the various Arceus colours. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: crash when the listview on frmPkmn is clicked. [Nytewolf]

- Controls on frmAbility have been resized to allow for new controls to be placed. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: nwConvertAbIDtoString has been updated for Diamond and Pearl. May have to be updated for Platnium. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: Diamond and Pearl abilities weren't showing up correctly. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: frmAbility's export button not working correctly. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New subroutine: nwUpdateEffectListView, works similar to nwUpdateListViews, only this one has been cut down. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes below;
-- Several abilities have been removed from tblAbilities. [Nytewolf]
-- All abilities now use their proper english hames. [Nytewolf]
-- D/P Abilities in tblAbilities have had their numbers changed to correspond with the changes to nwConvertAbIDtoString. [Nytewolf]
-- 2 columns have been renamed in tblAbility: adNotes is now adFieldEffect and adInfo is now adEffect. [Nytewolf]
-- Added a new column to tblAbility to replace the adNotes column, which is funnily enough called adNotes. [Nytewolf]

- Dev: Designer Action Lists have been added for the following controls; nwRSESpriteView, nwMPKSpriteView and nwFPKSpriteView. [Nytewolf]
- R/S/E sprites are now on a seperate tab page, rather then being on the same page as the D/P ones to minimize scrolling. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: new sub: nwRefreshEMoveList, which gets egg moves. [Nytewolf]
- New ini key: projectUrl, this refers to the project URL for the project. [Nytewolf]
- Program will only load the default project workspace if the project page in the ini is not found. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes below;
-- Some incomplete data in tblPkmn has been completed. [Nytewolf]
-- Additional abilities and some renamed old abilities have been commited to tblAbilities. [Nytewolf]
-- Database has been compacted to reduce filesize. [Nytewolf]
-- Database version is now 2.03, to minimize confusion with prior versions. [Nytewolf]
-- New column added to tblPkmn (pdDexEntry6Pt) a dex entry column for Pokemon Platnium. [Nytewolf]

- Dev: removed one of the nwRefreshMainList subs. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: default images have been added to rclib2 and rclib3. [Nytewolf]
- A tweak has been made to nwGetStartDataFromINI() to make it make the menu options it disables invisible. [Nytewolf]

- Dev: new function: nwGetG4FBackSprites for female Pokemon back sprites. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: custom colours and fonts now available for the new ui controls created yesterday. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: new sub (nwRefreshMainList) used to refresh the new ListView. [Nytewolf]
- frmPkmn's first tab has been redesigned with a new ListView, which allows us to show more on the first page. [Nytewolf]
- Obsolete code and controls have been removed from frmMain. [Nytewolf]

- Normal and shiny front sprites for male and female Pokémon are now enabled for viewing. [Nytewolf]
- frmPkmn now resizes based on content of the form. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: new controls (nwPictureBrowser and nwSpriteBrowser2) added to nwuilib for the Pokémon sprites. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: added new function: nwGetG4MFrontSprites. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: added new function: nwGetG4FFrontSprites. [Nytewolf]
- frmAddin has been removed as it was taking to long to develop. [Nytewolf]
- The supported Pokémon list has been removed as it was not really relevant in this version. [Nytewolf]
- Menu links to deleted forms have been removed. [Nytewolf]
- Sound resources for diamond and pearl Pokémon have been completed. [Nytewolf]
- sound resources have been optimised. [Nytewolf]
- regular and shiny front sprites for all 493 Pokémon are now available in the sprite resources library. [Nytewolf]

- Database changes below;
-- A new column has been added for DP egg moves (pdEggMovesDP). [Nytewolf]
-- pbCapRate has been renamed pdCapRate and pbBaseHappiness has been renamed pdBaseHappiness [Nytewolf]

- Start page now launches each link in a seperate tab or window of your default browser. [Nytewolf]
- Links in the start page have been corrected for the recently updated website. [Nytewolf]

- Favourites have been re-enabled after being disabled in BETA 3.5. [Nytewolf]
- New pictures have been chosen for the .msi setup programs for beta 5. [Nytewolf]
- Copyright notices have had theIr dates corrected. [Nytewolf]
- Date on the Splash screen has been corrected. [Nytewolf]

- Start.html has been updated to reflect recent changes. It will be updated again just before release though.
- Dev: GetRevision and DownloadUpdateInfo have been added to mdlPPS. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New function: GetRevision(), gets the revision number. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New sub: DownloadUpdateInfo(site as string, dest as string), downloads the update info text file. [Nytewolf]
- The update checker has been updated, it now has the ability to retrieve the latest download links from the server. This feature is currently undergoing testing. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: A new key has been added to the ini 'updateInfoUrl', which contains the URL where the new update checker will check for a new update check document. [Nytewolf]
- The Official forums menu option in frmMain now uses the 'forumUrl' key in nwpps2.ini as opposed to a hard-coded value. Should the ini not exist it should go to a hard-coded value by default. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Added a few more comments to the check for updates code. [Nytewolf]

- Added a note regarding lack of gen 3 pokedex data for gen 4 Pokemon. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes below;
-- A few spelling and grammar corrections to existing data. [Nytewolf]
-- gen 4 legendary information updated. [Nytewolf]

- Dev: Forums URL corrected in notes.txt. [Nytewolf]

- Export options have been modified for frmUnown to include the recent changes. [Nytewolf]
- Incorrect column headers on frmUnown have been corrected. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: All libraries re-set to use the 2.0 Framework rather than the 3.5, moving to the new codebase seems to have brought some bugs.
- Database changes below;
-- 2 new columns added to tblPkmn: pdDexEntry6D and pdDexEntry6P, for Diamond and Pearl dex entries. [Nytewolf]
-- Evolution dex order now properly sorts generation 4 Pokemon. [Nytewolf]
-- Location data has been updated for all generation 4 Pokemon. [Nytewolf]
-- Rarity indicators have been updated for all Pokemon. [Nytewolf]

- Unused directories and files have been deleted. [Nightwolf]
- frmUnown has been resized for new information added to the tblUnown column 'udLocDP'. [Nytewolf]
- New toolips have been added and or updated in frmUnown to reflect changes. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Obsolete files in devdocs folder have been deleted. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Deleted Settings.vb as it was redundant. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: Mode switching has been fixed. At least for now. [Nytewolf]
- Updated a redundant entry in frmAbout's listbox. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Version number has been bumped from 1276 to 1330 in line with recent revisions. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Krypton is causing some problems in this version of Visual Studio, to combat this some code is being reverted to pre-krypton state. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Updated the nwCodeBox and nwCodeTextBox controls in UI lib to include changes from my new WoW Addon Creator program. [Nytewolf]
- frmPkmn is now localised to show text strings more applicable for that region; ie, Color for US, Colour for UK/AU. Other parts will be altered at a later date. [Nytewolf]
- A tooltip has been added to frmPkmn which tells you how to change the way that the Pokemon name list is sorted. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes below;
-- Unown table now includes Unown Locations for Diamond and Pearl versions. [Nytewolf]

- Changed some incorrect tooltips in frmPkmn.

- Fixed a loading bug that appeared during testing. [Nytewolf]
- Removed the Popup blocker, as the static web browser doesn't need it as it cannot traverse links. [Nytewolf]
- Corrected some incorrect forum links. [Nytewolf]
- Invalid references have been removed. [Nytewolf]

- Added ability to take a look a Pokemon up on the internet, via frmPkmn. [Nytewolf]
- Bulbapedia chosen as the lucky website for the 'look up on internet' feature on frmPkmn. [Nytewolf]

- Changed the background colour from White to black on several forms. This is related to the UI changes. [Nytewolf]

- Removed a redundant entry from frmAbout's listbox. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed some more typos in frmAbout. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed some typos in frmError. [Nytewolf]
- Added ability to copy the Library version via the Copy Info button on frmError. [Nytewolf]
- frmOptions has been resized, due to the removal of the browser code. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Updated notes.txt's URLs, as they were invalid. [Nytewolf]
- frmSupported has been removed from the main program. [Nytewolf]
- Removed old source control server bindings as they were invalid. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New sub: nwRefreshDexList, dex list sub. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New sub: nwRefreshHWList, height and weight list sub. [Nytewolf]
- Removed some redundant controls from frmPkmn. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Added XML comments to the new subs in frmPkmn. [Nytewolf]
- Added 2 new listview controls to the main form, which means that there are less text boxes all over the place. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug with the new listview controls. [Nytewolf]
- DB: Made a start on some more Diamond and Pearl stuff. Don't expect much though. [Nytewolf]

- Removed the Database Support Library as it was not being used and was taking up space. [Nytewolf]
- References to nwcllib and nwdblib have been removed from frmAbout, as they are now redundant. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a typo in the INI file and removed redundant entries. [Nytewolf]
- Removed unused resources from the main program. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed typos in frmAbout, as well as other forms throughout the main program. [Nytewolf]

- BugFix: Pokemon Program Suite crashing on load. This was due to a rogue line of code in the WriteINI function, which has been removed. [Nytewolf]
- In frmMove, 'Other Type' has been renamed 'Category', fixes some that were missed yesterday. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: Move Database Text File export not formatted correctly. This was fixed by adding some line endings which were previously not there. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: Addins Dialog and the New Fun Stuff form crashed on load. This is tied to yesterdays design view problems. [Nytewolf]
- Removed a typo from frmAddin. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: frmOptions crashing on load. This is tied to yesterdays design view problems. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: frmMove not closing when the 'Close' button was clicked. This was fixed by remapping the click event handler. [Nytewolf]
- Removed all unused project references. [Nytewolf]

- All projects set to .NET 2.0 by default, No .NET 3.0 or higher features will be used till version 4.0 or higher. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: Move Database's Export button does not function. This is now fixed. [Nytewolf]
- BugFix: Move Database's Export Button not exporting everything. This is now fixed. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New Function: nwAddHtmlHeader, Adds a preformatted HTML Header to a document. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New Function: nwAddHtmlFooter, Adds a preformatted HTML Footer to a document. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Some XML comments in the XML documentation file have been cleaned up. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a problem with the Windows Forms not showing correctly in VS2008's Design View. [Nytewolf]
- Changed Function: nwGetVersion, Now gets Windows 7, This is subject to change closer to the release of Windows 7 though. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New Function: nwReturnDB, Returns a string representation of one of the database programs. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New Function: nwReturnAType, Returns the Appeal Type of a Pokemons move. Used for the Export function in frmMove. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: New Function: nwReturnCategory, Returns the Category of a Pokemons move. Used for the Export function in frmMove. [Nytewolf]
- In frmMove, 'Other Type' has been renamed 'Category'. [Nytewolf]
- NW's PPS 2006 has been rebranded NW's PPS 2.0. Code should now be correct. [Nytewolf]
- Version number has been incremented by one to avoid confusion with 1275 failed release. [Nytewolf]
- Dev: Updated files.txt with some files that were added to the distro, but were not added to the file index. [Nytewolf]

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Changes for 2007

- All Browser code has been removed. Due to crashes on some systems. The browser will not be implemented again. [Nytewolf]

- A minor bug has been fixed in the nwCodeBox control in uilib. [Nytewolf]
- New controls have been added to uilib to work with the re-designed web browser. [Nytewolf]
- nwWriteINI now converts the last param to string so the inner code doesn't need to do it.. [Nytewolf]

- Sinnoh has been added to nwReturnRegion, as it was missing in previous versions. [Nytewolf]
- Property nwGetDefaultInt has been removed as it doesn't seem to be being used by any code. [Nytewolf]
- Weather images have been added to rclib1. [Nytewolf]
- function GetWeatherImage has been renamed nwGetWeatherImage and moved to rclib1. [Nytewolf]
- nwGetTypeImage has a new overload which can use the move name rather than number. [Nytewolf]
- 4 Bugs have been fixed that were associated with frmCalcDmg. [Nytewolf]
- Images have been re-added to MetalKid's calculators. [Nytewolf]
- Font re-sizes and image re-sizes have been applied to MetalKid's calculators. [Nytewolf]
- New TODO's have been added to TODO.txt, while some have been removed. [Nytewolf]
- New Shortcut Keys; F11 - Check for updates, F12 - About box. [Nytewolf]

- Added new function: nwGetG3BackSprites(ByVal num As Integer, ByVal is_shiny As Boolean) [Nytewolf]
- Added new function: nwGetG4BackSprites(ByVal num As Integer, ByVal is_shiny As Boolean, ByVal is_female As Boolean) [Nytewolf]
- Added new function: nwGetG4FrontSprites(ByVal num As Integer, ByVal is_shiny As Boolean, ByVal is_female As Boolean) [Nytewolf]

- Updated format for image names to include sprites for items and ruby back sprites. See notes.txt for details. [Nytewolf]
- Added resource library notes to notes.txt. [Nytewolf]
- All berry sprites have been moved to rclib4 and have a new prefix format. [Nytewolf]
- nwRetrieveBerrySprites has been removed from rclib1 and placed in rclib4 and rewritten. [Nytewolf]

- Added new format for image names. See notes.txt for details. [Nytewolf]
- Added Diamond and Pearl Normal and Shiny sprites to rclib2 resources. [Nytewolf]

- Added curse.gif to rclib1 resources. [Nytewolf]
- Added new function: "nwExtractElementID(ByVal element As String) As Integer" Extracts an element Id from the desired elemental type string. [Nytewolf]
- changed existing function: nwRetrieveTypeImage to use new curse type resource. [Nytewolf]

- nwRetrieveDPexcMoveType has been renamed nwRetrieveMoveCategory. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: nwDisplayAppealType, this sub loads the appeal type pics. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: nwDisplayCategory, this sub loads the move category pics. [Nytewolf]
- the lblClass label has had its name changed to lblCat. [Nytewolf]
- the pcbCType PictureBox has had its name changed to pcbCat. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug that caused a NonExistantResourceException in frmMove. [Nytewolf]
- In order to prevent possible future problems a new "Unknown" picture has been added to resources in rclib1. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: nwDisplayElement(ByVal num As Integer) This displays the elemental type picture. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes for BETA 4;
-- mdClass has been renamed mdCat (short for category) [Nytewolf]
-- Descriptions have been added to columns in tblMoves. [Nytewolf]

- Language submenu off the tools menu is no longer visible by default. [Nytewolf]
- By default, English (Neutral) is the default language. [Nytewolf]
- Finished the diamond and pearl Pokemon entries in the supported Pokemon list. [Nytewolf]
- clsINIFileHandler and clsINI_IO have been merged for convenience... [Nytewolf]
- code in clsINI_IO has been rearranged to better suit itself... [Nytewolf]
- code comments have been improved for the resource library functions. [Nytewolf]
- 8 new resources have been added to rclib1 (5 of them contest move type pics) [Nytewolf]
- nwRetrieveContestImage now retrieves rhe contest type image, if the correct parameter is passed. [Nytewolf]
- nwRetrieveDPexcMoveType has been completed with the correct code. [Nytewolf]

- Changed name of 'View Maps' menu item to 'View Region Maps' and set visible to FALSE. [Nytewolf]
- Added new 'Fun Stuff' menu item to the 'misc' menu and set visible to FALSE. [Nytewolf]
- Added a new form: frmFunStuff to the program... [Nytewolf]
- Added a taskpane to the new frmFunStuff form. [Nytewolf]
- Added region names to the tabbed control in frmMaps. [Nytewolf]
- Added help links to frmMaps and frmFunStuff for future use. [Nytewolf]
- Added copyright information to any code file lacking one. [Nytewolf]

- Removed class: clsUnRAR has been removed as it is no longer used by the code. [Nytewolf]
- Removed class: clsHelp has been removed as it is no longer used by the code. [Nytewolf]
- Removed class: clsMath has been removed as it is no longer used by the code. [Nytewolf]

- Added "Krypton Toolkit" to the credits. Should of been done earlier. [Nytewolf]
- clsExportData has been removed from the sharedlib as there is no code that uses it any more. [Nytewolf]

- Added music classes used in NWPPS3 to the shared library for use by the NWPPS2 BGM... [Nytewolf]

- Fixed a bug that would occur when the options dialog was opened. [Nytewolf]
- Moved the INI handling code in the form load sub in frmMain to a new sub (nwGetStartDataFromINI) and placed a call to the new sub in frmMain. [Nytewolf]
- Added code to enable and disable the check for updates menu option to the new nwGetStartDataFromINI sub. [Nytewolf]
- Tweaked the Castform Info Tool with more helpful text. [Nytewolf]
- An extra parameter has been added to the nwLoadSprite sub (nPicNum) This new param is Optional and has a default value of 0. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug that would crash the user to desktop when Castform Infotool was selected. This bug was caused by a spelling mistake in the database code. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes Below;
-- tblCastformPics has been added for the castform pictures. [Nytewolf]
-- tblDeoxysPics has had the correct pictures added to it. [Nytewolf]
-- tblDeoxysPics has had shiny pictures for all 4 versions of old deoxys added to it. [Nytewolf]

- Upgraded all components that use the Krypton Toolkit to version 2.60 of the Toolkit. [Nytewolf]
- Several changes from NWPPS3, including;
-- Changed CheckBox's program wide to KryptonCheckBox's. [Nytewolf]
-- Removed lblAUpdate1, lblAUpdate2 and txtAUpdate from frmOptions. [Nytewolf]
-- The autoupdateenable INI setting has been renamed enableUpdateCheck and has had functionality changes. [Nytewolf]
-- Removed the autoupdateinterval INI Setting. [Nytewolf]
- Removed txtAUpdate_Validating as it is now obsolete. [Nytewolf]
- Removed (now unused) code from chkAUpdate_CheckedChanged as it is now obsolete. [Nytewolf]
- Added message telling the user that their changes may only take affect when the program is restarted. [Nytewolf]
- Browse code in kbtnBrowse1_Click has been finished. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes Below;
-- Unused Queries and VBA code have been removed. [Nytewolf]
-- Database has been compacted to reduce overall file size. [Nytewolf]

- Removed some obsolete code from mdlPPS. [Nytewolf]

- Updated the help file links. Most should be correct now. [Nytewolf]

- Fixed a bug that caused the Pokemon Database to crash when the user selected the generation 3 mode. [Nytewolf]
- Deleted rbSort1, rbSort2, rbSort3, rbSort4 and rbSort5 in frmPkmn. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes Below. [Aidos]
-- Renamed the Gen3 sort order column in tblPkmn. [Aidos]
-- Added Diamond and Pearl Pokemon to tblPkmn in the game databases. [Aidos]

- Fixed a bug in the check for updates feature than would show an incorrect message. [Nytewolf]
- Added a new message if the version your using is greater than that on the sourceforge servers. [Nytewolf]
- Changed the message that apppears if the version your using is lesser than that on the sourceforge servers. [Nytewolf]
- Changed some text boxes that have been neglected to read only, so the information isn't corrupted by a user. [Nytewolf]
- Added Emerald to the move tutor window. All corresponding database entries have also been created. [Nytewolf]
- Resized frmMTutors, as there was some wasted space. [Nytewolf]
- Removed the password from the main database. [Nytewolf]
- Changed any database connection code that relied on that password. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: mnuViewOtherMTI_Click() to frmMain. This shows the form frmMTutors. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes Below. [Aidos]
-- A new column 'mtPMoveEM' has been added to 'tblMTutors' for emerald related information. [Aidos]
-- tblMTutors - All emerald related move tutor information has been completed. [Aidos]
-- Diamond and Pearl Pokemon in tblMTutors have been marked as 'No Moves' in all columns except the DP column. [Aidos]

- frmMTutors now uses tblMTutors instead of tblPKMN in the database. [Nytewolf]
- Resized Move Tutor controls and added scrollbars. [Nytewolf]
- Changed the font used in the rich text boxes to Courier New. [Nytewolf]
- The check for updates code has been fixed. Errors should no longer occur with the code in that section. [Nytewolf]
- A bug in the INI which caused the check for updates feature to crash has been fixed. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes Below. [Aidos]
-- tblMTutors has been added to the main database and populated with sample data. [Aidos]

- Incremented the version revision number to 1242, Keeping the build number at 8. [Nytewolf]
- Redesigned frmMTutors to work with the new database structure we are using. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: frmMTutors_Load() to frmMTutors.vb to load the new nwCreateConnection() sub. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: nwCreateConnection() to frmMTutors.vb to access the database. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: btnClose_Click() to frmMTutors.vb to execute the closing code for frmMTutors. [Nytewolf]
- Added new sub: lstPKMN_SelectedIndexChanged() to frmMTutors.vb to show the new db coded move info. [Nytewolf]

- Incremented the version revision number to 1241, Keeping the build number at 8. [Nytewolf]
- Changed all texts which mention 1220 to mention 1241 instead. [Nytewolf]
- Several "False" error messages have been removed. [Nytewolf]
- Obsolete code has been removed from the check for updates code block. [Nytewolf]
- Added and renamed some older database code in the dblib. [Nytewolf]
- Old references to the old nwpps database file have been replaced with references to the new ones. [Nytewolf]
- Bug Fix, The dependency on skincrafter has been removed due to some issues. [Nytewolf]
- Bug Fix, Removal of skincrafter created some sompilation errors, these are now fixed. [Nytewolf]
- NW's Pokemon Program Suite now officially works on Windows Vista, due to recent Vista testings. [Nytewolf]
- Reduced the font size on MetalKid's calculators due to some spacing issues. [Nytewolf]
- The start page has been updated with the correct version information. [Nytewolf]

- Removed the network availability message from ApplicationEvents.vb, It was obsolete. [Nytewolf]
- Changed the version of the GPL we are using to version 3. [Nytewolf]

- Rewrote the readme document introductions for the .rtf and .txt versions of the readme. [Nytewolf]
- Added 5 new questions to the faq in the readme text doc and some more to the manual's faq section. [Nytewolf]
- Repositioned the link on the splash screen, not really necessary, but it didn't line up correctly. [Nytewolf]
- Added item sprites to program resource files. [Nytewolf]
- Created 2 new functions that manipulate the item pictures in the resource files. nwRetrieveItemSpriteRSE and DS. [Nytewolf]

- Diamond and Pearl berries now use english names. They should all be correct. [Nytewolf]
- Added a new dialog to the sharedlib, It is designed similar to the IE open dialog. [Nytewolf]
- Added some picture file formats to frmUrl. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a small bug with the OK button on frmUrl not re-enabling. [Nytewolf]
- Can now load pictures in the internal browser. [Nytewolf]
- Created a new sub nwOpenUrlDialog, which handles the click events for mnuFileOpen and tsbOpen. [Nytewolf]
- Some fixes from a partly recovered version from my old hard-drive have been added to the current version. [Nytewolf]

- Installer versions should now include a backup .ini file in the docs directory. [Nytewolf]

- Added some more pages to the PPS Wiki. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed some incorrect links in the PPS Wiki. [Nytewolf]

- Additional Item descriptions have been added to tblItems in both the RSE and DP databases. [Nytewolf]
- Added locations to Diamond and Pearl TMs and HMs. [Nytewolf]

- Shortcut keys have been added to the calculators menu items. [Nytewolf]

- All code that points to the {miscellaneous} INI section has been removed. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug that caused the program not to read an INI setting. [Nytewolf]
- PlayBGM has been renamed enableJukeBox as the original was misleading. [Nytewolf]
- Remapped some old INI seetings and mapped some new settings to the new options in frmOptions. [Nytewolf]
- The Sudowoodo glitch has been fixed (again) this time it is permanent, I hope. [Nytewolf]

- chkOptionEdit has been removed from frmOptions. [Nytewolf]
- editoptions ini setting has been removed from the INI. [Nytewolf]
- New options have been added to frmOptions, see help file for changes. [Nytewolf]
- Added ability to change the generation mode to the options dialog, hooks into the DataMode ini setting. [Nytewolf]
- New tooltips have been added to new and existing options in frmOptions. [Nytewolf]
- Changed the layout of frmOptions to the layout used in pre-.NET versions of PPS. [Nytewolf]
- All {miscellaneous} ini settings have been moved to the {general} section. [Nytewolf]

- Changed some of the items and added some more items to the RSE Items Table. [Nytewolf]

- Added Diamond and Pearl TMs and HMs to the DP database, from the RSE database. [Nytewolf]
- Added Diamond and Pearl item functionality to frmItems. [Nytewolf]
- Removed Diamond and Pearl items from the RSE Database. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug associated with the new Diamond and Pearl items. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug that caused the mode to not be correctly set. By default it will be set to Generation 3 or Chimecho Mode. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug that caused the Pokemon Database tool to not show the pictures. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed a bug that distorted some of the Pokemon pictures in the resource files. [Nytewolf]
- Added new INI settings PlayBGM and DataMode, currently they do nothing. [Nytewolf]

- Fixed some bugs that resulted in some crashes. [Nytewolf]
- Altered the about box to reflect the new changes. [Nytewolf]

- Added a new visual theme to most controls. [Nytewolf]
- Changed the database format and added a seperate database for Diamond and Pearl. [Nytewolf]
- The class library is now merged with the shared library. [Nytewolf]
- Finished the existing tables within the diamond and pearl database... They still have to be linked. [Nytewolf]

- Addition of donation buttons to the about box and help menu. [Nytewolf]

- Fixed code for drawAddButton(). Sub now placing button for tab in a better position. [Redmo]
- Ran multible beta tests. Adjusted some subs to work better with tabbed browser. [Redmo]

- Added button BtnAddTab, and sub BtnAddTab_Click. [Redmo]
- added sub DrawAddTabButton(). Deals with the location of btnAddTab. [Redmo]

- Added Organise favorites to favMnu. Added sub organiseFavorties(), and relevant link from dropdown menu. [Redmo]
- Reorganised FavMnu DropDownItems. Gave list of pokemon sites, own folder to tidy up. [Redmo]
- Fixed minor bug in search area. Make sure only selected search engine is used. [Redmo]
- Added Code AddFavorites(). Now able to handle images, from local and website ico files. [Redmo]

- Changed declarations area to Global Declarations Area(Stop confusion within different regions. [Redmo]
- Added Region "Browser Tabs". Handles all events related to tabs. [Redmo]
- Added sub DisplayNewTab(). [Redmo]
- Added Sub BrowserNavigate(). Now handles all navigation by the browser. [Redmo]
- Added sub tsbOpenTab_Click, tsbCloseTab_Click, DisplayNewTab, DisplayinCurrentTab. All used to handle tab events. [Redmo]
- Re-organised code in DoSearchQuery() to use sub BrowserNavigate(). [Redmo]
- Added temporary buttons, add tab, close tab(These have been added for testing, and expect them to be removed by the next release). [Redmo]
- Re-organised code in tscbaddress_SelectedIndexChanged(). Now using BrowserNavigate(). [Redmo]
- Re-organised code in tsbGo_Click(). Now using BrowserNavigate(). [Redmo]
- Added new code to wbPKMN_DocumentTitleChanged. Now deals with tab events. [Redmo]
- coded added to frmMain(). Starts sub displayNewTab, and points to our homepage. [Redmo]
- Added code to tsbCloseTab. Deals with closing of all tabs, now asks for application exit. [Redmo]

- lbSearch has been removed as well as all related events... [Nytewolf]
- Commented out some code in doSearchQuery that was causing NullReferenceException's. [Nytewolf]
- Added try catch to Sub AddToFavorites(). Forgot to add it, when i originally wrote it. [Redmo]
- Removed sub frmMain_GotFocus. frmMain_KeyDown. frmMain_keypress. Redundant code. [Redmo]
- Sorted out sub mnuFileOpenUrl_Click. Was reporting wrong exception error. [Redmo]

- Ok. mnuFileOpenURL_Click() has been rewritten - It should be fixed now. [Nytewolf]
- txtExoChoice and btnNotes2 as well as their related event handlers have been removed from frmPkmn as they are obsolete. [Nytewolf]
- Sub nwLaunchLinkInBrowser(ByVal sURL As String) has been rewritten as well... [Nytewolf]
- btnExport_Click() has been re-added and now shows a message box... [Nytewolf]
- Random culling of unused Imports statements in the support libraries... [Nytewolf]

- All {experimental} database code has been removed - Decided to stick with something simpler in accordance with Nytewolf's suggestion... [Aidos]
- Removed tsbSearch and replaced it with a split button named tssbSearch. [Nytewolf]
- Added two new subs related to tssbSearch; tssbSearchGoogle_Click and tssbSearchYahoo_Click. [Nytewolf]
- Changed doSearchQuery() to use the tssbSearch objects instead of the listbox lbSearch. [Nytewolf]
- Removed nwGetMaxXP() and nwGetEggSteps() and added them to clsMisc in the nwcllib. [Nytewolf]
- All code mapping to pdEvoChoice in the database has been removed. [Aidos]
- the text property of tssbSearch is now mapped to the checked search provider, be that either Google or Yahoo. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes Below. [Aidos]
-- tblPkmn has had some changes to the evolution information. Should now be at least 97% correct in most cases. [Aidos]
-- tblPkmn has had the column pdEvoChoice removed. [Aidos]

- Additional XML comments have been added to all classes in nwdblib. [Nytewolf]
- Changed some more error handlers to use the new nwWriteErrorMsg() function. [Nytewolf]
- {Experimental} Added new class: clsPkmn2, some new database handlers for the Pokedex. [Aidos]
- All buttons and menu items that direct the browser to the users homepage now direct the user to OUR homepage. [Nytewolf]
- {Experimental} Some modifications to clsPkmnEvo to make it link correctly. [Aidos]
- Some changes to nwCodeTextBox's WhatsThisHelp sub, forgot to add code... [Nytewolf]
- Some changes to the ctbHelpText property in nwCodeTextBox, It should now have a description. [Nytewolf]
- Database Additions to frmPkmn have been removed. [Nytewolf]
- Database Changes Below. [Aidos]
-- {Experimental} Some new queries have been added to the database (for tblPkmn and tblPkmnEvo) to Handle various things like adding, deleting and editing. [Aidos]

- Fixed some error handlers to display the proper error title. [Nytewolf]
- Removed some unnecessary error handlers. [Nytewolf]
- {Experimental} clsCommand, clsCommon, clsPkmnEvo and various other classes have been added to nwdblib to help with Pokemon Evolutions. [Nytewolf]
- Now uses v1.90 of the database. Changes Below. [Aidos]
-- tblItems has had some location corrections and additions. [Aidos]
-- tblPKMN has had some corrections. [Aidos]
-- tblPKMN is now tblPkmn. [Aidos]
-- New tables: tblPkmnEvo for evolution info and tblEvoTypes for the evolution types. [Aidos]

- You can now press the escape key to exit any form or dialog box. This functionality can only be disabled via the ini at the moment. [Nytewolf]

- Added counter to Sub wbPKMN_NewWindow. Stops pop up blocker warning from appearing more than once per app start up. [Redmo]
- Updated the about box with some new info. [Nytewolf]
- Added a new function to all tool related classes in nwdblib (ReturnInteger). [Nytewolf]
- Updated the XML Documentation for all classes, methods and misc items in nwdblib. Nytewolf]
- Details on the new Calculators menu and related tools have been added to the help file. [ShinyJirachi]

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Changes for 2006

- New function: nwDoesIniExist, This function checks to see that the INI exists. It is located in mdlPPS. [Nytewolf]
- Unused variables have been removed from mdlPPS. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed some alignment issues in frmAbout. [Nytewolf]
- A 'Copy Info' button has been added to frmException, It works the same as the one in frmAbout. [Nytewolf]
- frmAbility should no longer appear above windows other than frmMain. [Nytewolf]

- Finished code for wbPKMN_NewWindow. Now uses boolean check, instead of default disabled. [Redmo]
- Added to nwpps2kx.ini, Miscellanious section. Pop Up Blocker default boolean value. [Redmo]
- Finished SearchBox Code. Fixed Object not set to a reference problem. [Redmo]
- Added Sub LbSearch_LostFocus. Deals with Searchengine selection box not having focus. [Redmo]
- Added wbPKMN.ScriptErrorsSuppressed = True. To fix script errors as discussed in forum. [Redmo]

- Added to frmMain declarations. New Boolean Check for pop up blocker. [Redmo]
- Added to frmMain_Load. Added .ini file check, to see whether the boolean is true or not. [Redmo]
- Added new Sub wbPKMN_NewWindow To deal with pop up blocker(set to stop all pop up's until I've finished with all other changes). [Redmo]
- Added new option to frmOptions Designer to deal with pop up blocker selection(Can be enabled or disabled). [Redmo]
- Added to Sub frmOptions_Load.

- Sorted out paths, for both Google, and Yahoo search engines(Code is still experimental). [Redmo]
- SF.Net Bug Fix (621472). Error thrown when Check for updates is clicked. Changed code in mnuHelpUpdates_Click. Commented out CheckForUpdates. Added simple msgbox to see if user wants to goto sourceforge site. [Redmo]

- Added reference SHDocVw.dll to reference library. [Redmo]
- Added Add To Favorites function to mnuFav. [Redmo]
- Added Autofill to tscbaddress. [Redmo]
- SF.Net Bug Fix (1618680) Unhandled Error Caught. Required complete re-write of code block. [Redmo]
- Fixed internal bug. tscbAddress_KeyPress, and tsbGo_Click Stopped reconising about:home, and about:blank. [Redmo]
- Edited wbPKMN_Navigated. Pull down menu no longer shows double entries. [Redmo]
- Added new Region Searchbox (this code is incomplete, but will be active by next beta release. [Redmo]

- clsBerry, clsNature and clsType in nwdblib have been updated to be closer to the columns in nwppsdb_rse.mdb. [Nytewolf]
- Updated the xml documentation for all classes in nwdblib. [Nytewolf]
- Updated the xml documentation for all classes in nwcllib. [Nytewolf]
- Removed the XP Calculator and the IV Calculator from the other tools TaskFrame as well as their related event handlers. [Nytewolf]
- Added new images for the Calculators. [Nytewolf]
- Added a new Calculators TaskFrame to the Task Pane. [Nytewolf]
- Populated the new TaskFrame with the 5 calculators. [Nytewolf]
- Removed all traces of the Level Calculator as this has been integrated with the XP Calculator... [Nytewolf]
- The Stat Calculator is now known as the Statistic Calculator. [Nytewolf]
- Added a new INI Boolean Value reader to clsINI_IO. [Nytewolf]

- Added new option to open log file on error in notepad to the options dialog. [Nytewolf]
- A bug in which the fade animation box would not update when the ini was updated has been fixed. [Nytewolf]
- frmAbout now displays version information for nwrclib. [Nytewolf]
- frmAbout now uses properties to get the version information for the support libraries. [Nytewolf]
- The 'Copy Info' button on frmAbout now copies the OS version. [Nytewolf]
- A new 'calculators' folder has been added to the 'forms' folder. [Nytewolf]
- 3 new calculators have been added; frmCalcHPower, frmCalcDmg and frmCalcStat. [Nytewolf]
- the two calculators in the 'forms' folder have been renamed and placed in the 'calculators' folder. [Nytewolf]
- Enable event log defaults to true, Enable log open now defaults to true. [Nytewolf]
- The new (and old) calculators have been added to a new Calculators menu. [Nytewolf]

- Changed all the Bug report and suggest a feature links to point to the trackers for those features on sourceforge.net. [Nytewolf]
- The Bug report and suggest a feature links on the help menu now use the internal browser rather than opening a new IE window. [Nytewolf]
- frmSupported has been resized a little to fit new text. [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1592050) When helpfile isn't downloaded. [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1592030) Database Location Problem, Not fixed - Do not place on desktop. [Nytewolf]
- Now uses v1.75 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- tblPKMN has had some more Pokedex entries added, 67% complete. [Nytewolf]

- Updated code in tscbAddress_KeyPress, and tsbGo_Click. Cleaned up code, removed a load of unneccesery code. [Redmo]
- Added all links from mnuLink to mnuFav and deleted mnulinks from designer. [Redmo]
- Deleted region links menu events from frmMain.vb. [Redmo]

- SF.Net bug fix (1615484) Favorites menu bug. [Redmo]
- Updated Sub LoadFavFolders() fixed link and url organisation. [Redmo]
- Added Sub mnuFav_MouseHover. Now show selected mnufav in tsslStatus.text(experimental). [Redmo]
- Updated code, sub loadFavFolders(), mulitible code fixes. [Redmo]

- Created a new Favourites TaskFrame on my common TaskPane. [Nytewolf]
- Created a new Manage Favourites option on the new Favourites TaskFrame. [Nytewolf]
- A new form has been added, frmFavourites. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed some little bugs and performed some code tweaks. [Nytewolf]

- Updated code, sub loadFavFolders(), mulitible code fixes. [Redmo]

- Changed url link in mnuHelpOtherBug to sourceforge bugtracker. [Redmo]
- changed url link in mnuHelpOtherSuggest to sourceforge feature request forum [Redmo]
- tidied region internal web browser [Redmo]
- Added region Favorites [Redmo]
- Added new sub LoadFavFolders. [Redmo]

- A bug in the addins dialog is now fixed. [Nytewolf]
- Added the clsUnRAR class to nwcllib. [Nytewolf]
- By default the main window fade in/out is disabled now, It can be enabled in the INI by setting disablefadeanimation to False. [Nytewolf]
- Some more tooltips have been changed and/or added to frmPKMN. [Nytewolf]

- All sprites are now resources. [Nytewolf]
- Removed the 'sprites' folder. [Nytewolf]
- Some bugs have been fixed in regards to resource loading. [Nytewolf]
- Some tooltips on frmPKMN have been changed to the correct tooltips. [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1599437) Pokemon Name list doesn't have name, same as 1592288. [Nytewolf]

- Pokemon Database UI changes. [Nytewolf]
- Pokemon Database now pulls moves per level data from the database. [Nytewolf]
- Removed mode selection from frmBerry. [Nytewolf]
- Removed the clsTextLine class and related code. [Nytewolf]
- Added option to tools menu to set the information mode. [Nytewolf]
- Some changes to URLs in the start page and the help menu. [Nytewolf]
- Now uses v1.73 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- tblPKMN now has new columns (for the move data); pdLvlMvRSE, pdLvlMvFRLG and pdLvlMvDP. [Nytewolf]

- frmBerries now retrieves berries from nwrclib1 and nwrclib2. [Nytewolf]
- Berry Pics directories have been removed from the sources. [Nytewolf]
- The height and width bugs in the frmOptions have been fixed. [Nytewolf]
- A new calculator has been added - NW's Experience Calculator (frmExpCalc). [Nytewolf]
- The Ability number bug has been fixed thanks to the creation of an Ability number to string function in clsMisc in the class library support library. [Nytewolf]
- Because of the new calculator, A new item has been added to the Task Pane and the view menu. [Nytewolf]
- Made a fix to the View > Other Windows menu - The pictures shown were incorrect. [Nytewolf]
- Now uses v1.72 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- tblPKMN now has records of the Base Experience for each Pokemon. [Nytewolf]

- The 2 Deoxys buttons on frmPKMN have been renamed and they now should show the Deoxys Infotool. [Nytewolf]
- Added new class NonExistantResourceException.vb for non-existant resources. [Nytewolf]
- Program now loads some Audio and sprites from one of the dll's. [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1596049) Resource Performance Issue. [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1592288) Names of Pokemon displayed as Syste,Data.DataRow. [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1592049) Back Button and tcbAddress_text error. [Nytewolf]

- Made a fix to the 'Check for Updates' feature on the help menu. [Nytewolf]
- Disabled the Language sub menu on the Tools menu. [Nytewolf]
- Code added: sub nwKillFile(), This deletes a file. It is a wrapper for the 'My' file deletion feature. [Nytewolf]
- Some more changes to the nwdblib to make it more OO compliant. [Nytewolf]

- Changed from using link labels to nwXPLinkLabels, see frmMain. [Nytewolf]
- Changed index.html to start.html and changed a fair amount of the HTML code. [Nytewolf]
- The Lacurio picture seen on the website is now on the start page. [Nytewolf]
- Fixed the IV Calculator and Move Tutor links. [Nytewolf]
- An error is now thrown when the Level Calculator link is pressed. [Nytewolf]
- An error no longer occurs if help cannot be found, Instead you just get a message informing you that you should either reinstall or download a new help file from our sourceforge.net project's download section. [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1591843) Mysterious Crash 0xc0000135. [Redmo]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1584871) Missing Files (The dll's). [Nytewolf]
- The Help links have been changed in accordance with Redmo's request. [Nytewolf]
- A bug with the main menu has been fixed. [Nytewolf]
- The Database Toolbar and the Miscellanious Toolbar's have been removed from the View Menu, located on the form frmMain as they are obsolete. [Nytewolf]

- A bug with the TaskPane has been fixed, Though the translations have been shelved for the time being. [Nytewolf]

- Fixed the about box not showing properly after the last update. [Nytewolf]
- Some code fixes to nwpps2kx.nwdblib.dll and nwpps2kx.nwuilibdll. [Nytewolf]
- frmMain now uses the taskpane in nwpps2kx.nwuilibdll. [Nytewolf]
- Code added to deal with the deoxys pictures in the database. [Nytewolf]
- Added new help file for the developers (nwpps2kx.libraries.chm) It is the complete documentation for the current version of NW's PPS 2006. [ShinyJirachi]
- Now uses v1.71 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- New Table: tblDeoxysPics, A bunch of Bitmap format pictures of Deoxys for the Deoxys Infotool. [Nytewolf]

- Some code fixes to nwpps2kx.nwdblib.dll. [Nytewolf]
- Added 'Document Version' to the help file. [Nytewolf]
- Commited some minor changes that occured in the CVS to this... [Nytewolf]

- sinnoh has been added to tblRegions. [Nytewolf]
- pdAbility1 and pdAbility2 in tblPKMN now link to tblAbilities. [Nytewolf]
- Deoxys Base States, Moves and Sprites have been Integrated into one tool, "Deoxys Infotool". [Nytewolf]
- Deoxys Base Stats, Deoxys Moves and Deoxys Sprites and their associated events have been removed from the view menu under "other windows". [Nytewolf]
- Trainer Database has been added to the View menu under "main windows". [Nytewolf]
- The Level Calculator and IV Stat Calulators has been added to the View menu under "other windows". [Nytewolf]
- frmDM and frmDS have been removed and frmDBS has been renamed frmDIT. [Nytewolf]
- New pdf's have been added to the 'docs' directory. [ShinyJirachi]
- Removed the following events; tsbBC_Click, tsbCS_Click, tsbDBS_Click, tsbDM_Click, tsbDS_Click, tsbEMT_Click and tsbMT_Click from frmMain.vb. [Nytewolf]
- Removed the following events; tsbBC_MouseMove, tsbCS_MouseMove, tsbDBS_MouseMove, tsbDM_MouseMove, tsbDS_MouseMove, tsbEMT_MouseMove and tsbMT_MouseMove from frmMain.vb. [Nytewolf]
- Updated lstBerry_SelectedIndexChanged() to display the Diamond and Pearl berries. [Nytewolf]
- The Inno Setup installer file (nwpps2kx.iss) has been updated and should now be able to compile, as long as you have the files. [ShinyJirachi]
- CodeTextBox.dll and TaskPane.dll have been combined into nwpps2kx.nwuilibdll. [Nytewolf]
- New dll added to serve the database functions that are to be added later. [Nytewolf]
- Removed all instances of the old TaskPane and CodeTextBox controls and replaced them with the new ones. [Nytewolf]

- Can now select the berry database mode via a new menu, RSE or DP. [Nytewolf]
- Code Added: nwBerryDexModeRSE() This is for the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald mode. [Nytewolf]
- Code Added: nwBerryDexModeDP() This is for the Diamond/Pearl mode. [Nytewolf]
- Code Added: tsbModeRSE_Click() This changes the mode state and sets the mode to RSE. [Nytewolf]
- Code Added: tsbModeDP_Click() This changes the mode state and sets the mode to DP. [Nytewolf]
- Removed code from frmBerry_Load() and placed it in nwBerryDexModeRSE() and nwBerryDexModeDP() and placed a reference to nwBerryDexModeRSE(). [Nytewolf]
- SF.NET Bug Fix (1584850) Bug in the Database forms. [Nytewolf]

- Now uses v1.70 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- New Table: tblBerriesDP, For the Diamond and Pearl Berries. [Nytewolf]

- The setup program will now only launch on Windows 98 or higher and will show an error box. [Nytewolf]
- New Pokemon have been added to supported.xml and the Supported Pokemon List. [Nytewolf]
- The [UpdateSettings] section has been removed from the ini. [Nytewolf]
- Updated frmAbout.vb: Changed my name from Jim Redmo, to John Redmond. [Redmo]
- Code Added: tscbaddress_SelectedIndexChanged: Added to loop to make sure it ends on empty string, had forgotten to add this on last update. [Redmo]
- Code Added: frmMain.vb added new sub timer2_tick, deal with form fade in. [Redmo]
- Code Added: frmMain.vb added code to hide frmMain, and start the timer. [Redmo]
- Now uses v1.68 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- Added to tblItems: Diamond and Pearl TM and HM Additions. [Nytewolf]
-- Added to tblAbilities: Diamond and Pearl Additions. [Nytewolf]

- Code removed: mnuHelpOtherJoin_Click, Because it is no-longer used. [Nytewolf]

- Now warns if CodeTextBox, Interop.dxvblib and Multiproglib.dll's cannot be found. [Nytewolf]
- Committed Redmo's changes to release 1190. [Nytewolf]

- Folder name changes, The classes and modules folders now have an underscore prefix. [Nytewolf]
- Committed Redmo's changes to release 1189. [Nytewolf]

- Code Added: tscbaddress_SelectedIndexChanged: added more code to deal with 2 firstchance exceptions, first being indexof 0 was causing a problem within the while loop, second was another check to make sure the routine index wasn't greater than the over all collection. [Redmo]

- New Pokemon have been added to supported.xml and the Supported Pokemon List. [Nytewolf]
- Now uses v1.67 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- Added to tblMoves: Some move fixes and additions. [Nytewolf]

- Now uses v1.66 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- Some grammar and spelling fixes only. [Nytewolf]

- Added clsTextLine.vb to the classes directory. The Analyze function passes the file to a new instance of this class. [Nytewolf]
- Rewrote the subs nwPkmnMovesRSE and nwPkmnMovesFRLG to use the Analyze function. [Nytewolf]

- Added Analyze function to frmPKMN. [Nytewolf]

- Removed sub mnuHelpDevnote_Click as there is no mnuHelpDevnote anymore, It was deleted way back in 1175. [Nytewolf]
- Removed sub mnuViewOtherDTBL as it is obsolete. [Nytewolf]
- Now uses v1.65 of the database. Changes Below. [Nytewolf]
-- Added to tblItems: Some Item fixes. [Nytewolf]

- removed unused commented code. [Redmo]
- Code Added: wbPKMN_Navigated: Code added to deal with all on click url events including homepage. [Redmo]
- Bug Fix: Code added to tsbGo_Click: fixes about:home, about:blank error. [Redmo]
- Code added: tscbAddress_KeyPress: deal with the about:home about:blank url. [Redmo]
- New Sub: tscbAddress_SelectedIndexChanged: to deal with onclick URL/URI selection from the pull down menu of the combobox. [Redmo]

- Code added: new sub tscbAddress_KeyPress, it deals with with text entry into the url box, if there's nothing entered, then a msgbox text will appear, warning of it. Also added, the string is checked to find out if http:// was added, if not, its added. [Redmo]
- Added to sub tscbgo_click: same internal code as above. [Redmo]
- added to sub wbPKMN_DocumentCompleted: added extra code to handle change of url/link clicked within browser. changes tscbaddress.text to new url/uri. [Redmo]

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Changes for 2005

Changes removed due to migrating to .net. One of the largest changes was this infact.

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Older Changes

Changes removed.

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